XWord is the leading supplier and provider of a wide variety of word and number games that are published in South African magazines, newspapers and other publications. 

We have an unlimited supply of crossword puzzles, arrow word puzzles, word games, Sudokus, Kakuros and brain teasers available in both English and Afrikaans. We can also be commissioned to compile crosswords and puzzles according to your unique specifications and needs. 

For the first time ever, we are introducing an extended range of affordable crossword puzzles, arrow word puzzles, word games and Sudokus to online users. Puzzle fanatics, in South Africa and abroad, will have personal access to our products.

This will be especially comforting to Afrikaans speaking people living overseas who will have the opportunity to download a variety of AFRIKAANS puzzles whenever they want. (Click on Puzzles to complete for more information.) 

The opportunities are endless, way beyond just newspapers and magazines. Xword's made-to-order products provide you with the perfect product to suit your needs or those of your business or publication.  Like the man who proposed with a tailor-made arrow word, and then used another unique crossword quiz to keep guests occupied while the photographer snatched him and his bride away for photographs.

What about the creative hostess who hid her menu in a crossword to be completed while she added the final touches in the kitchen.  One can even print word games on a restaurant's paper place mats – a great way to keep hungry guests occupied.
XWord supplies unique puzzles for just about any occasion - from single crossword puzzles to books filled with stimulating challenges. We also compile customised promotional puzzles to turn your product launch into a remarkable and memorable occasion.

So, whether you want to test your general knowledge, play a game with friends or family or just relax and have fun, XWord has the crossword or game to keep you busy for hours, no matter where in the world you are.

You can download our puzzles to complete on your computer or laptop, or print it out. Take our puzzles everywhere you go!

Blokaspaai iPad 'App' vir XWord blokraaisels
Verkies jy om ons blokraaie op jou iPad in te vul? Probeer bietjie die blokaspaai applikasie! Kliek hier… 

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