Puzzles to complete

With the increasing use and reliance on the internet, it only made sense for XWord to enter the world of cyber puzzles. Now you can download XWord puzzles on your computer or laptop to take with you wherever you're travelling, or print it out to complete whenever you get the urge!

Register now for a preview of what's on offer. (Word games are currently only available in Afrikaans, but there is a large variety of Sudokus to choose from)

Here are a few free puzzles for you to complete:

Arrow Word Puzzle
Crossword Puzzle

Blokaspaai iPad 'App' vir XWord blokraaisels
Verkies jy om ons blokraaie op jou iPad in te vul? Probeer bietjie die blokaspaai applikasie! Kliek hier… 

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